Revealing the energy of empathy and science of behavior change in modern business, I aspire to transcend traditional business perspectives to solve the intrinsic human problems concerning companies, organizations and societies. By dissecting the tensions between what we do for ourselves and for others, my work demonstrates the greater overall reward – for individual and institution alike – of shifting from the immediate joy of personal spending to satisfaction of prosocial spending. I leverage my research to teach people how to ask questions that cut deeper, to supersede surface queries and welcome the insights that inspire growth like:

  • What factors facilitate or inhibit consumption?
  • How do we encourage consumers to spend resources on others? And how do we define the expression of an entity some think faceless?

I champion empathy, the value of vulnerability and to be bold enough to drill into our susceptibilities, rather than waste precious energy shielding them.

For more information about my research interests and collaborations, please see my CV here.