TEDx Charlottesville

For two decades, I have worked with for-profits, not-for-profits, governments and individuals to dig deep to find their purpose, manage uncertainty and find a place of belonging in professional and personal contexts.

As part of this work, I offer a range of in-person and virtual keynotes, seminars, workshops as well as one-on-one coaching sessions.

For speaking, facilitation, or consulting inquiries, please contact Stern Speakers and Advisors.

Here is a selection of topics that I am often invited to speak about:

  • The Importance of Humanizing Technology (and Business) focuses asking questions relevant to the human-technology and human-machine interactions that supersede queries and welcome managerial and societal insights that inspire competitive advantage and growth.
  • Thriving in Trying Times centers on how to manage tough marketing and business situations and making winning decisions (e.g., ethics of price promotions, DEI and sustainability crises situations, brand activism).
  • Science of Behavior Change aims to to leverage insights from behavioral economics and psychology to design interventions and policies that improve individual and societal well-being.
  • Inclusive Marketing makes a business case for DEI with a particular focus on how CMOs and marketing teams can be one of the critical driving forces in their organizations
  • Leading with Vulnerability focuses on exploring and creating deeper connections in the world that help people feel seen, understood, worthy. So that they value themselves, value life, are motivated to take action and do big and good things in the world.